Auto Accident

Auto Accident Injuries appear to be a fact of life in this day and age. Auto accidents can be quite painful and can cause lose of time at your job or time in the hospital.

You can have sprains/stains and /or whiplash. Sometimes the pain can be bad enough that you would use pain killers and muscle relaxers. But the most widely used treatment for auto accidents is massage therapy. The sooner you can be seen by a massage therapist the better.

In an auto accident muscle tissues are torn and stretched way beyond their range of motion. When this happens toxins build up in the tissues and cause pain. Pains killers don’t help to heal the problem. When left alone, the tissues may heal in such a way as to cause scar tissue. Scar tissue will cause a longer time to heal .

When you see a massage therapist for the auto injuries, she will get as detailed discription of the accident as possible. Then she will do some muscle testing to determine what needs to be done.

If you are extremely tender, she will do a series of Effleurage strokes to help move the toxins from the muscle tissuess. After the over – all soreness has lessened, she will then begin the healing process with Swedish Massage, Trigger Point, Cross Fiber, Acupressure or Deep Tissue.

After the muscle tissues are beginning to heal, the massage therapist may ask that you do some stretching and /or exercises to help strengthen the muscles. Drinking good water is also important to help the healing process.

If you have been in an auto accident, please call and set an appointment.


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